Xbox one X internal HDD connector

Hello everyone! i recently replaced my Xbox one X HDD with a Western Digital Blue 1TB SSD as i kept getting the E102/E105/E106 error, i installed the operating system with a usb drive and the console was working fine for around a month or two however it has started getting the same errors again and nothing i have tried has fixed the issue, i recently watched an youtube video saying the issue could be a faulty HDD connector however the website that sold them has none left in stock and i can’t find them anywhere else on the internet.

I just want to know is there anybody that is selling these parts or could there be another way to fix this issue?

Thanks from Jake.

Hi, I would try using some WD 40 electronic contact cleaner and a different hard drive first before changing the Connecter. It may just be a little bit of dirt on the pins on the connector end. Sometime back I changed my hard drive to an SSD and the Xbox was working fine. Until one day coming to turn it on. It would just turn it self off again! Turned out to be the SSD that went faulty. After changing it! The Xbox worked ever since. That WD 40 Electronic contact cleaner is amazing. I use it all the time and recommend it for cleaning Port‘s or anything that’s Electrical. You can get it off Amazon.