Xbox One X no 4k but all pther resolutions work

Hi all, got a One X which works perfectly on all reaolutions other than 4k.

Essentially get a black screen when trying to set it to 4k with a message eventually saying something went wrong.

Ive tries usual, factory reset, ive stripped and cleaned it, tried various tv and hdmi cables. But it shows 4k as an option, just wont successfully connect. Hdmi port is tidy with no visible damage.

Is this a retimer chip issue? Most sites say hdmi issues can be retimer but most symtoms are no video out. Or only low resolution. Can it be the retimer chip if its working on 1080??

Thanks for any advice, ive ordered a new retimer chip i really hope its not the booster ic as that looks more complicated

It is mostly the retimer which is starting to fail. It is starting with not working/outputting higher resolutions.

Ah right so it can fail gradually starting at the higher resolutions rather than just just fail and leave low resolution.

Thanks for the advice, will swap out chip tonight and see if that resolves it. Knowing me… will bugger the whole thing up, bit hey thats learning for you.