Xbox one x no picture

so I am going to try my best to explain this problem I am having.

I send my Xbox in for repairs because it had not picture so the repair place replaced the HDMI and new thermal paste he tested it send me a video of it working and everything looked fine.

got home with the Xbox got it all set up and turned it on but no picture changed the HDMI cable still did not work plugged it in to a different TV still did not work.
took it to a different TV which is a very old TV but has HDMI ports plugged it in turned it on and there was picture worked perfectly.
I change the setting to detect HDMI only took it back to my TVs and home plugged it in turned it on and nothing no picture again.

the only time I get picture is when I plug my Xbox HDMI in to my two into
one HDMI splitter with either my TV box or PlayStation plugged in and on at the same time, is the only time I get picture from my Xbox

at the same time this all was happening Microsoft send out an update package so I am not sure if that update has anything to do with the problem I am have.