Xbox one X No Signal Shows on the TV that HDMI is not connected

Hello, I have an Xbox one x that can be switched on but does not receive a signal and does not indicate that the HDMI is plugged in! I exchanged the retimer without success. HDMI filters are good no short circuit in the HDMI region. HDMI Port good! The console also has the problem that when it is switched on it cannot be shut down using the power button; it then flashes normally and then switches off. I always have to hold it down. Does anyone know this problem and can help me!

Sounds like you haven’t seated the chip quite right, use you phones camera (or microscope) to zoom into each of the 4 sides to see the legs are aligned?

did you make sure to go round the legs and contacts with soldier after the chip was seated?

Also did you check that the new chip was the correct chip? i.e TDP158

I’ve just done the job today on a S which is working fine now.

Thank you for your answer! I have already exchanged the retimer for 4 Xboxes with this one now I’ve tried several! But I think it’s not a retimer problem, it’s something else

bit of a odd problem this one.

ok I think you will have to test everything with a multi-meter have you a voltage schematic to work from?

hope its not apu problem.

just a thought is any component missing from the underside of the board, this has happened to me before where someone has attempted a repair and knocked something off the unserside and i didn’t notice.

Thank you for your answer! I’ll check that the days I’m busy with two other consoles.