Xbox one x not loading cod mw

System came in, all drive games load except COD MW. Replaced drive with GOOD (actually tested). Installed game, same issue. Anyone else have experienced this or found the solution? I do not thing this if hardware related. Side note, cant change home xbox as it says it been done too many times. Claims they own a disc with same result? Also state they get it to load on another xbox. We have a case of screwy board (i find highly unlikely) or some account fuckery by you good friends @ Microsoft?

have you tried putting it back and booting the game again?

Jumped the gun… sorry. Come back the next morning, same failure again…

change drive, change account, reinstall = no change. reformat + OSU1 + differnet game tag + disc install = no changes. Replaced paste = no change. Used power source and different sata to connect the HDD = no change. :wave: :wave: I give up… Only got to boot when removing wireless card but next morning same issue. Reading many issues regarding Xbox one X and this game. For the most part I am seeing issues likely related to dirty fan or faulty HDD. Anything I do it goes to COD splash screen then back to dashboard. 1) Maybe it needs SSD? 2) Power supply could be weak? From what I have also seen there was a claim activation says transfer game to external SSD. Hmmm, I wish I had a big enough SSD to try this!!! Good luck all. If your fan is loud = clean it. If it loads and crashes = test your HDD. If your in my situation best of luck, please fill us in if you solve it.

have you tried updating the game before running it?