XBox One X powers the shuts off

My son purchased a couple of Xbox One X’s to fix and re-sell. We have three that when you press the power button the unit will beep, the LED will be bright and then shut off. Looking at the circuit I can scope the power TP’s and the standby power matches a working unit and during the time the led is on the other power TP’s match a working unit. The only discrepancy in power in one labeled VCore CPU.

Also, during the startup process on a good unit the fan will pulse then turn on but the three units that do not power the fan does not pulse. I did not find a fan PWM controller to test so I assume the CPU controls the fan PWM.

Has any one run into a Xbox with this type of issue? Not much information on the web.


I see a lot of these types of problems (more on the Xbox One S) and it seems to usually be caused by either a faulty APU or Southbridge unfortunately.

I was leaning towards the APU, I assume the APU is responsible for the majority of the startup process. Are the APU’s bad or is there a bad connection on the BGA mount?

I’m not totally sure on that but I think a lot of them could probably be fixed with a reball.

I would lean towards apu too you see this problem on the ps4’s too when the apu’s are problematic so there is likely some issue there I’ve seen power supply’s go on both console’s and they won’t power on at all so rule them out