XBox One X Powers Up But Without Video

Hey All, I joined after watching a couple of Youtube videos from TronicsFix. I have an Xbox One X that powers on but no video appears. I’ve tried to boot it in low resolution mode, to no avail. I’ve tried to boot into the troubleshooter (controller connect button and the power button) and still no video.

I’ve tried a different port, different HDMI wires, and even a different TV. Nothing.

I’m guessing the hard drive either crapped out, or that little re-timer chip. Is there a way to test and see which one is bad? I mean, will the xbox boot up with any hard drive?

Im out of warranty, Microsoft wants $250 + shipping to fix it. With the new generation out, I don’t really want to buy another one.

I don’t think there is a way of testing it without taking it apart and replacing the components. I am currently in the same boat as you but I have already replaced the HDMI port and Retimer IC but I’m still getting no signal. Not sure what else it can be at this point.

Did you try testing it with a different hard drive?

Did you buy an air solder gun to re-solder the chip? Curious if you found one that was reasonably priced to make it worth trying.