Xbox one x project scorpio save issues

I have a xbox one x project scorpio edition and its having issues with the cloud saves and for a brief day E-100 and E-102 error codes. I am not able to play games on it because everytime I play a game it says my cloud saves are out of sync please clear local saves and try again. So my question is should I look into maybe changing my harddrive. Also it is not my internet connection my other xboxs work just fine without issue.

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Have you tried factory resetting your Xbox? If not, I’d try that before modifying the hardware.

Oh yes Many times I’ve factory reset and kept the games. I’ve factory reset and deleted everything. I’ve used the xbox without its external harddrive and with. Ive emptied both hard drives completely and it was still doing it I contacted Microsoft and they said they would replace it with one but I really would rather just fix the scorpio myself or through a private shop

Yes check what I wrote below

Are you a beta tester or do you just get standard updates if your standard i’d advise signing up with xbox insider and downloading a beta update to see if that fixes it you can also report the issue there

I was a beta member I actually took it off the inside program after I started having said issues

Did it fix the issue

Not at all it still has issues with saving and booting

Then that’s not your issue mate it could be as simple as your apps just needing reinstalling to as complex as requiring an entire hdd/ssd or motherboard replacement but from what’s up already lets start diving into the deeper end lets start with the hard drive i’d advise connecting it to your pc and running thorough tests on it to rule it out and go from there

I’ve literally factory reset it 2-3 times and its harddrive are completely empty of all but os

It could be a hard drive issue that’s causing it not an os issue sometimes you can still initialise the console but games won’t work properly i’ve just done that to my ps4 and it’s still having game issues so i’d say it requires a new hdd but ps4’s are simpler to diagnose than xbox but i’d hazard a guess same issue

I figured it was the harddrive I have other xboxs to use til i can afford to buy a new harddrive because I’m just gonna swap it to a 2tb

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Hey there,
if that’s the solution, it would be great if you could mark it as solution, so other people with similar problems know what helped in your case :slight_smile:

I will mark it as a solution when I get the new ssd or hard drive and I know it fixed it