Xbox One X retimer chip or hard drive?

Hello! I’m excited to join the forum! No lie…This is the first forum I’ve actually joined and not simply read through (in my life). My Xbox One X stopped displaying to my TVs. The TV indicates the HDMI source is available (and a device is turned on) when I turn the Xbox on but when the source is selected, nothing comes up except for “no signal.” No green Xbox boot up screen. I’ve taken the Xbox apart completely and very carefully. I’d like to test the hard drive but don’t have a brand new one. I have an Xbox One model 1540. First starters…would the hard drive from that Xbox (1540) work in the Xbox One X to tell me if it’s a hard drive issue? Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

I’m also wondering if I can reconnect everything without actually reapplying the heat sync. I removed the motherboard and cleaned all the old thermal paste off. I just want to test if the Xbox fires up and displays on the screen or not…no? I’m brand new to digging into the inside of game console but I’m very careful and meticulous.

Usually this is a retimer issue but it’s possible it’s the hard drive.

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usually a system does not instantly take any damage if you simply start it up without a heat sink. But, make sure you don’t cover it with anything and only keep it running for a couple of minutes. Just checking if the system starts should be ok without cooling. Turn it off as soon as you know it’s booting properly.

Great! Thanks for the info. How about the Hard Drive? Is the Xbox One X compatible with a Hard drive from an Xbox One model 1540?

Mate you could shove a 3.5 sata hdd in there and it won’t give a shit as long as it’s setup right consoles are like computers they really don’t give a rat’s fart what you shove in them as long as it can power on oh and read oh and excuse the language i’m just emphasizing how dumb consoles really are

You can setup for xbox one x any hard drive with your pc, there’s a youtube video by andrew paul explaining this step by step…

Thanks for the help everyone. Here is an update for whoever stumbles upon this forum:

It was the retimer chip. I watched pretty much every video out there in hopes I could replace the chip myself but the fact of the matter is that it requires micro-soldering and I just don’t have the equipment or skill for that. I was able to find a guy at a local electronics (mostly phones) repair shop who took care of the chip. I just brought him the board and the new chip and I put everything back together afterwards (reapplied the thermal paste) and it fired up like brand new. Just had to reset the 4K display setting. I would highly recommend sending it in to TRONICSFIX through their website and have them do the tear down of the machine and diagnose the issue. It was a real pain in the ass trying to save about $25 and I spent a good 6 hours of my own time on the whole issue. I’m all about DIY but micro-soldering is not something anybody can knock out it their garage. Party on, party people!


Hey there,
glad you had your xbox fixed. And yes, finding problems and errors does take time. But, for most people lingering around here I guess exactly that, investigating and finding the cause, is more fun than anything. Many people don’t do it for the savings (you don’t save anything, you just pay with your time instead of money), but for the fun. And, even soldering those small components often seems scarier than it is :wink:


i started with this about a couple of months ago (only in my free time) as a hobby, and my first attempt was a replace of xbox one x hdmi and retimer chip, is spend like 3 hours trying to solder the hdmi, finally made it… my second hdmi took me like 1 hour… the 3rd and last took me 15 min (the hardest part for me was removing the solder from board holes)… at the end this is not my job, i just do this for fun, it’s very exciting to make things work…