Xbox one X retimer repair help

I’m attempting to do the hdmi retimer IC replacement but I’m struggling to remove the old chip. My hot air is at 480C and medium flow, applied flux around chip but after a minute of heating the chip won’t move at all. The flux seems to be burning away fairly quickly, is this the issue? Recommendations or suggestions most welcome.

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Isolate the area around the chip with temperature-resistant adhesive tape, put quality flux AMTECH RMA-223 and start with a temperature of 320 degrees for 2 minutes and then increase to 450-480 with 50% air flow until it starts to melt the tin under the chip. When moving it you can extract it.

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These chips take a lot of heat so it takes some time to get them off.

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Was bit scared to keep hearing it up, as didn’t want to damage anything else. Thanks for your help.


Still struggling with this. Got amtech flux and heated for over 2 minutes but chip won’t budge at all, in fact when grabbed the sides parts of the surface of the chip broke off. Seems like not enough heat is getting around the chip, but station is at max 480C. Any further tips or should I give up on this one?

What station are you using? Rotates the jet of air over the chip and from time to time touches the chip with the tip of the tweezers. When you see it budge, grab it and pull it out. Even if it lasts longer than 2 minutes, there is no problem.:smiley::smiley:
You can also put flux during the operation…

It’s fairly cheap station WEP 899d. It goes to 480c assume this is the problem then?

I have a cheap one also, and it does the job easy, just remove any nozzle reducer, put your heatgun as close as possible to the chip and start moving it around the chip, after 45 secs start touching the chip with twezzers to see if it moves (keep flowing hot air over it)… if you remove the heatgun flow it takes like a second to get hard again…

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Ok. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.