Xbox one X shutting off 8 seconds after turning on

Hello everyone. I love watching tronic fix repair videos so now i have a problem myself and hoping you guys could help me out. A week ago i was playing my xbox one x without a problem and after that i turned it off normally. I was away for a week so i couldnt play my xbox. When i returned yesterday and tried to play, it would turn on with the white light on the button and it would turn off after 8 seconds. And since it just wont work. When its on i can eject and insert disc but thats it. Ive read somwhere that it could be faulty psu unit or even hard drive. Have anyone had a similar problem? Does anyone knows how to fix it? Oh yeah and when i turn it on i cant hear the fan start spinning, i think its not working. Thanks for your replys :slightly_smiling_face:

Please does anyone knows something?

i would start by replacing hdd, because of the time that remains turned on sounds like a hdd failure…

I ordered a new fan because i thought maybe the fan died cause it wont start with the console and also the old fan is very noisy and have some kind of rattling sound. But i will also try replacing hdd thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

could be the power supply going bad

But if the PSU is bad would it turn on at all?