Xbox one x thermal pad issue

Hey guys so I have a 2018 mfd Xbox one x, paste was dried up so I replaced with some cheap no name paste. It was absolute crap. Never spread well was far too thin so could never get the Xbox to stay quiet.

I must have tried 20+ times to re paste it. Finally figured out the paste was the cause.

I’ve now bought new deepcool z5 paste but I now have a problem with the thermal pads. I can never make the heatsink make good contact with the gpu. The paste will never spread properly. I cannot simply replace the pads as we are in a level 4 lock down and won’t be able to get new ones for 4 weeks plus.

I tried rolling the green pads up into balls and making as big as possible so they would squish down to 2mm but that hasn’t worked. Everything I try the paste is not making proper contact. Seems like the heatsink puts too much pressure on the gpu and pushes the paste out as it always squishes off to the side.

Getting really desperate and kind of need some advice if I can do a home solution to fix this.

Thanks a bunch.

Thats the point, heatsink has to make pressure to the APU, and that thin cover of paste will do the job…

But its never making full contact on the apu. And then the fan noise is ramped right up again because it just isn’t seating properly

are you installing the x clamp? the one that holds the heatsking from below…

Yes of course. The issue always comes back with fan noise. And when I go to reapply the paste I always notice the actual die of the apu is not covered its just all squished to to the sides and not even covering the apu at all

Do you have picture of how it looks?

I shall grab some today

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Sorry I have been busy. I received new thermal pads in the mail. But no change yet

New 2mm thermal pads, thermal paste and it is running the same. I can hear the fan in pretty much every single game now