Xbox One X will play older (360) games but nothing newer, 4K games

I recently got a Xbox One X Scorpion and it will play older games 360 era, but whenever I try and install any newer, 4K, games it will start the beginning credits and then shut down the Xbox and then I have to manually restart it. For some reason it doesn’t recognize my controller until I manually restart the console.

Personally I have had nothing but problems with the project Scorpio. The fact that it crashes out on you like that points me to the hard drive. Maybe try pulling it out and reformatting it on your pc externally. There is software out there that will reformat it for you properly. I have gone through countless reformats and 2 brand new 1tb hard drives on mine. I could be barking up the wrong tree but this at least got mine working.
I hate to drag this out but there is also the possibility that it’s overheating. You may want to blow the dust out and replace the thermal paste before you spring for a new hdd. Just a thought. Hope this helps