Xbox one x wont turn on after thermal paste application

Hi everyone, decided to join here since I game mostly on my Xbox and I would also like to come to learn and have some knowledge of its care and proper usage currently, and in the future.
Also because I currently applied thermal paste(Arctic mx-4) and took the chance to do a good cleaning to the inside but ran into a situation. And I’m hoping that maybe with some advice and help from everyone It would be fixed or close to it.
So what I did was pretty much opened up the Xbox properly and carefully or as much as I could and applied some thermal paste to the apu and the southbridge chip (figured it wouldn’t hurt) and placed everything back together. Tried turning it on, and at first the light wouldn’t turn on but it would make the chime, slightly pushed in the power cord and it turned on but only for a couple of seconds and it would turn off. Then I reopened it to inspect it thoroughly to make sure I hadn’t missed something like a loose connection and I came to find that I had made a little scratch on one of the board traces where you have to pry the x clamp and thought maybe that was the cause. I ended up ordering a circuit pen and a coating pen to try and fix the broken trace, applied it and waited a whole day for it to dry. Turned it on the next day hoping it would have resolved the problem but it didn’t. So now I really don’t know what else could be the cause of this , I have cleaned all connections (fan ,hard drive, power, disc drive, wi-fi, IR receiver, and USB )Re applied the thermal paste, removed paste from southbridge chip, and still nothing. Also I’m not sure if the fan supposed to turn on the moment its on but it doesn’t.
Thank you in advance for the help and would really appreciate help on this issue.

It sounds like the circuit pen didn’t actually fix the trace. You might have to try and fix thee trace with a soldering iron, and I’d you aren’t comfortable doing that sort of thing then you would have to send it to someone to repair it

Yeah I don’t trust my soldering skills to that degree so I I’m gonna have to seek help from someone capable. Thanks though