Xbox partial power

Hey guys I just bought an xbox on ebay with a partial power issue it turns on flashes red and turns off I can’t show pictures yet as I only bought it last night i’ll post pictures once I recieve it but do you guys know what could cause it i’m new with board repairs so any help would thanks guys

here’s the photo’s the seller supplied sorry they are so smallxbox%201 xbox%202 xbox%203 xbox%204 xbox%205 xbox%206 xbox%207

the seller said this it’s a direct copy of the details of the xbox I’ve posted about
Disk drive is stuck on this one, turns on flashes red then turns off. Partial power issue. Console is modded however i am not sure what mod, see insides photo for the chip. Faceplate is broke and has white residue on the front.

Sold as parts only.

Faulty for parts only.

Please see photos, may have minor wear otherwise.