Xbox Series S does not turn on

My Xbox Series S does not turn on. Just the beeps when you turn it on but it shuts off instantly and does not light up. And there is this weird HDD click sound. What’s the problem and the solution?

Are you shure XSS has HDD?
It might have power rail issue if instanly shutoff after press power button

The XSS does not have an HDD. It has an SSD. It’s like one click and that it.
I have a video but i cant seem to show it.

I have been having the exact issue. I get the turning on sound and just before the console shutdown i get a clicking sound. But what has happened in my case is that sometimes it manages to turn on, work fine for hours and then goes back to this issue.
My console is still under warranty but i live in India and xbox customer care hasn’t been helpful at all.