Xbox series s hdmi repair

So here is my saga, I fixed a bad hdmi port on an Xbox series s, no pads was ripped up so it was a simple hot air pop and seat, perfect for a beginner. Everything was going good until my wife was doing some cleaning and unplugged the hdmi evidently it wasn’t seated perfectly and ripped 7 pads out.

Onto the dilemma, I’m very much a beginner with a budget friendly setup cheap usb microscope that is very in the way to have a clear picture I’ve been attempting to do trace running but every attempt has caused the line to recede more and more. I’ve yet to get the wire to stick and fear it’s due to the budget station I have plus my technique. So with that being said what gauge wire do you recommend for connecting trace to hdmi pin. What quality solder and flux. And at what temperature should my iron be in this process the solder I’m using came with the station it’s just stamped with high quality dia .8 mm and what microscope do you recommend at this point I’ve spent enough to have just sent it for repair which I may still do but I thoroughly enjoy DIY