Xbox series s on and then off E109 code

Hello, interesting issue here. Console powers on and off randomly (most of the time on start up) the ssd is good i tested it by using it as my main drive in PC. I put a new ssd in the xbox but the same issue RAW data was cloned to the new drive i have no idea where to go from this becouse i did try a different power source at 12v 17a.

It could be the IC chip in the ESD bypass area. You can see that repair by “Go Gamers” video “Fix Xbox Series X Wont Turn On (Repair)”

I think there are about 3 decent repairs like this on youtube. One by thecod3r and another one I dont remember the creator.

It could be i chose to send my console over to thecod3r too see for sure since i do not own a hot air station. Also since this E109 code did not get me anywhere it felt like impossible fix - no shorts on the board nothing. Anyways thank you for a response!