Xbox Series X and Projector HDMI port after lightning strike

My house was struck by lightning last week. Insurance has covered the majority of things including my Xbox and projector. Everything turns on but no picture shows. My projector has 2 HDMI ports, standard and 4k. If I plug a device into the standard port which never has anything connected to it previously works fine. The 4k doesn’t recognize anything. As for the Xbox Series X it seems to turn on but doesn’t display anything when connected to known working tvs or monitors. I can use the controller to turn it on and to turn it off holding the home button, up, and then A like I would when it worked. To me that says the Xbox works but the HDMI is bad. My question is is it worth it to try to get these repaired or is the problem likely bigger and I should just replace?

Thanks in advance.

just got a xbox series x in. for me the emi filter, the u21 ic and the hdmi ic was gone. you need to messure for shorts.

cant edit anymore? also the hdmi port can be gone.

if you had a lancable attached there could be more damage

I bought a new one just to be safe. Lan cable was attached. I know it works because you can hear sound with headphones on. The system is it the setup screen. I’m pretty sure it’s just the HDMI port. I’m going to sell it pretty soon. Same thing with the projector.

the port is propaply fine.

I’ve tried it on multiple displays with multiple HDMI cables. I don’t know what else it works be if not the HDMI port.