XBOX Series X Controller Joystick Malfunction

Hello. I seem to have an unexpected problem that I cannot figure out with my series x controller. I am trying out soldering and am relatively new to it. I managed to take apart the potentiometer on my controller and replace it with a new one I have ordered from amazon. I put in the new potentiometer and tested it, and I noticed that both of the potentiometers, or joysticks, on my controller are stuck in the bottom right position. They do not respond to any movement I make yet when I click down on it, it senses that. Another problem I noticed was the triggers also stopped working. My thinking is since I disconnected the wires from the PCB they don’t work, but I cannot think about what the problem is with my joysticks. Can anyone explain this? Or is it just a thing with the series X controllers where they are beyond repair the minute you tamper with it?