My question is that are the Xbox Series X & S HDMI ports so fragile and cheap that they can be broken so easily?? I keep seeing people have there systems have broken HDMI ports and was wondering if this is indeed fragile or manufacture error. My other question is taking the HDMI cable on and off again can damage the consoles port over time if done gentle and have space for the cable to to be stretched tightly ??? I’m very concerned because I bought one and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for repairs. How much are repairs for a broken HDMI port???

First off, don’t worry about it. 99.99% of those hdmi ports that are broken are because some people completely abuse them or have kids that put things in them. If you just plug in the cable normally you won’t have any issues. The hdmi port is just as durable as any other.

XSX: My port fragile?
PS5: No. mine worse

I wouldn’t call either of them fragile, as long as you know how to properly plug in an hdmi cable 99% of the time you will never have issues