Xbox series X won’t read discs

I’ve had my Xbox series X since Christmas of last year and it’s never given me any problems but suddenly it wouldn’t read the discs it kept saying we need the license for that game please make sure the disc is inserted I cleaned each disc with a soft cloth as to not cause any scratches but even still it wouldn’t read the discs I tried every game only ones that actually worked were the ones I got through game pass does anyone know if it’s something to do with the disc drive or if it’s something else?

If you hear the disc spinning up and the laser slider moving and the disc is clean (no fingerprints, marks or scratches), I would assume that the laser isn’t working properly. Maybe only dust on the lens?

If you are replacing the drive with another one, move the disc drive controller board from the old drive into the new one. Otherwise your Xbox will got stuck at the next update with an E100 Error!