Xbox shuts off no error message

I need some help here my xbox used to shut off randomly when i played pubg, i tore it down reapplied thermal paste and its been working good again but the fan does run quite loud. I just recently downloaded the open beta for COD and now it only runs for around 10 mins before shutting off. I dont get any error messages though so i tore it back down reapplied the thermal paste with no improvement. I don’t know what else would be causing this please help.

It could be that the powersuppy is on it’s way out or there’s possibly a sensor fault on the motherboard it’s hard to tell though it is microsoft so who knows I actually own an xbox myself but their os’s are a real pain

I should also mention that it only does it on high resolution games, if it was a sensor or power supply wouldn’t it do it all the time?

Unsure maybe I don’t work on xbox’s often

I’ve been mulling this one over for a couple days and the only thing that comes to mind now is thermal paste it’s possible it could be overheating on hi res games