Xbox stick drift with analog removed?


My controllers left analog stick is drifting, after replacing with 3 new sticks the behaviour is still the same. I have removed the analog in question completely leaving the space vacant and re assembled but the controller still registers drift even though the analogs been removed completely

Any guidance?

A removed potentiometer should act like one direction pushed. The middle/neutral position is in the middle of the range of the resistance of the potentiometer.
There are different potentiometer with different resistance, did you check if they are the right ones?


Thanks for responding! Iv doubled checked the old and new potentiometer with very similar resistance. As an experiment i swapped the good analog over with still the same issue. With both sticks removed from the board and measuring resistance of the board, the working side read 0hms vertical plane and 35ohms horizontal, on the bad side im reading 0hms vertical and horizontal is fluctuating between 18 and 60ohms