2153-1542 error code

Hi guys , this error are fixiable

Some ideas


Still haven’t fixed it. Thinking of changing the PI3USB chip, but I’ve been procrastinating.

Is for dock functionality, so unless you’ve identified a fault (?) then a swap would be pointless. As per the link provided, the issue tends to lie with either bad M92, fake M92 IC, bad install, and/or potentially even bad USBC port (which is perhaps what caused the problem to begin with)

I changed the M92 chip but maybe it’s fake? I got the M92 off Amazon. What’s a good source for a functioning M92 chip?

Hard to verify, best to look a reviews on aliexpess but even then you can get fooled… best practice is to pull from a known good donor and then use the IC from third party source after to confirm

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Try 3 times m92. 1 chip testesting in other console is working fine.

Fast charge, no problem. 15v 0.49 mA.

This consola are stock .

D+ D- in measures detect bad continuity line ,
filter EMi burned , replace smd component y read resistance

Filter EMI side to side D- 2.2Ω D+ 2.3Ω

Red probe tester in GND
Black probe tester in DATA.

D- 61 kΩ D+ 68 kΩ
Diode mode D- 0.78mv D+ 79mv

Red probe tester in data
Black probe tester in GND

D- 19 kΩ D+ 17 kΩ
Diode mode D- 1.2v D+ 1.2v

compare measurements with another console, and they are diference

Red probe tester in GND
Black probe tester in DATA.

D- 11 kΩ. D+ 11 kΩ
Diode mode D- 0.79 mv D+ 0.79 mv

Red probe tester in DATA
Black probe tester in GND

D- 52 kΩ. D+ 25 kΩ
Diode mode D- 1.3v D+ 1.3v

sorry for my bad english
picture bad filter EMI before change

Replace pi3usb and no change…

2153-1542 error code is …