5v boost ic chip

Can someone point me in the direction of this chip on the switch main board?. As in where on the board it is.

It is for the fan and joycon charge apparently.

Thanks Ash


You have problems with the fan ?

Take a look at this post: [INFO] Board diagram and part numbers
I think it’ll help you out.

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Thanks I had looked but still cant locate the chip. Only seen one repair talking about it on reddit but it doesn’t mention the location of the chip on the board.

The fan doesnt spin and the joycons don’t charge. Its linked. As have quite a few of them with the same issue.

Check what you see in the two pictures


Thanks mate will have a test on them.

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Thanks mate the IC on the back of the board was the problem. Changed and all working. Appreciate your help.


I’m glad i was able to help you to solve the problem.:crazy_face:

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Hi do you know what that ic is? as I have a switch with the same problem

Many thanks Martin

The little chip looks like a tiny mosfet…

Still can’t find what ic that is? Techfix do you have a part number ect?

Hey there,
many parts inside the Switch (and other consoles) are basically just relabeled standard components. Problem is the relabeleing, which often makes it impossible to find out the original part number. Especially the MOSFETs etc. are best taken from donor boards.

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Hi mate no I dont know the part number. Just says PU on it. And I’ve also noticed that some switches have the small diode next to the fan cable and some dont.

The ones that dont have the diode next to the fan swapping the pu chip fixed the issue. The ones with the diode next to the fan, swapping the PU chip didn’t resolve the issue.

I have some PU chips taking from donor boards spare if you need one.

do you by chance still have any PU chips left?

Yes I have loads of dead boards. With pu chips on.

Is there a way i can PM you?

how do I check the diode and the ic and what readings should I get with a multimeter?

Anyone have That “PU” chip or know of a location i can get one?

Tehchfix, would you be able to supply me with th ic and diode? are you UK based? Also, let me know a cost. Thanks