Blackscreen - 0.34a - hekate loads - but shows battery at 0 percent

hey guys,

got a switch here which does not start up. black screen. amp meter shows that it draws 0.34a. hekate does work but it show that the battery is at 0 percent charge. but the switch does not turn off. can dump the emmc. no drop damage etc. is this an indication, that the bq ic may be damaged, or should one look more into the m92t36 ic? didnt opened it yet but i guess its a hac cpu 20.

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Possibly fuel gauge issue?

replaced the max fuel gauge and now it shows 124% battery. after that i replaced bq ic but the problem persists. in hekate when i want to enter battery stats menu i get the following error and cant enter the menu:

lr 003f9034: undef

there where no repairs done prior to this and no signs of a drop damage.

i encountered the following thred and checked for continuity. everything is fine. could it be still severed traces inside the board layers? any other idias?

didnt done the following though:

“polarities relative to ground and see if anything jumps out at you as being a miss comparing to a known good”

need to wait to recive a know good board.


replaced bq ic, m92t and usb port. after that an ultrasonic cleaning and this hac cpu 10 bad boys is working again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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