Breakout board for testing the USB-C port on the Nintendo Switch!

USB Type C Plug Breakout board , for testing the USB-C port on the Nintendo Switch. Allows testing of all USB-C pins, if they are right soldering on the logic board. I tested a port today and I am very satisfied with the product.
After replacing a port, it was very easy to check if all the pins are soldered correctly. Using the diagrams i made with the connection points on the board, it will be very easy to check the connections.

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Wow ! thats pretty amazing ! Where can i get this tool ?

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You can buy it here:

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Thank you so much for this - it’s a great resource.

Do you happen to have similar diagrams showing the test points for the Switch Lite as well?

Dummy question, but do we have to test with test board in 2 directions or only one and testing both A and B side is enough? I suppose second answer but I prefer to make sure.

A and B are not all equal. So it is not enough to check only one side.

If we want to make sure no line is disrupted yes I agree, but if we just want to check the continuity of the type-c, one direction is enough to confirm good contact of the pins right?

Maybe I don’t get it.
From my point of view, in continuity mode it is not relevant if you test from point 1 to 2 or 2 to 1. If there is continuity between two points it will show up independent from the order of the probes.

What i mean is, if i only want to test a usb type-c replacement, i measure continuity from A and B side of the test board to the different test points, filters and so on on the Nintendo Switch board, once i figured it out what direction the test board is, if i get A and B side getting continuity to the various test point i can assume that the usb type-c is replaced correctly even without inverting the test board, since all continuity A and B side made it, correct? If i flip over the test board, it is more to test the continuity of ALL tracks from both directions AND A and B side, do you see my point ?

You dont need to flip the test board, but you do need to check both sides of it.

Ok now i get where the misunderstanding is, i was targeting of testing both side of the test board for sure, what i meant was that flipping it over the USB-C was not mandatory and you just confirmed it, awesome thanks.