BSOD switch how to fix?

Hi, I have a switch that has the BSOD.
The switch charges at 0.4 amps but won’t fast charge it is slightly bent. Whenever it is placed in a dock or put on a charger it’ll blue screen. There is no boot logo when turned on it immediately goes to a blue screen.

dose anyone know the possible problem?

Thanks, FXDX, I’ll definitely try the re-ball on the Nvidia Tegra SoC processor. Would trying to reflow the chip first be a good idea? If not would you know where I could buy a good stencil for the chip?

The best reball…

Great, thank you so much!

hey as i was waiting for the stencil to come in I tried to re flow the chip. This fixed the blue screen although the switches screen turns on and stays black with no sound if you touch the screen. Dose is mean i have fried the chip or that there is another thing wrong with the console?

Probabail is a failed reflow or you may have problems with one of the ram memorys

I’ll try to reflow one of the ram chip.

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I was able to fix mine by simply reflowing the two RAM chips next to the main chip. After that, it was stuck at a black screen after Nintendo logo, and reflowing the NAND chip (the one on the separate little board right above the wifi chip) allowed it to boot.