Charging on one side, no display

I have a Nintendo Switch, it’s charging at 5.14V/0.41A when plugged in with the USB-C connector oriented one way, but 0.00 on the other. No display, no indication of charging. None of the capacitors with easy access on the board are short to ground while the battery is disconnected, I failed to check with it connected.

When I hold the power button, the draw drops to .15A, and it does not change until cord is re-inserted. No indication of activity in a dock. I appreciate any input. I’ve reviewed the other topics with similar issues and so far have not found any answers. Thank you.

Greetings. I’ve dealt with one of these before. The problem you are having is that the CC lines are damaged on one side of the charge port.

It’s basically one of three things:

  1. Damaged USB Type-C port CC pins (replace the connector)
  2. Damaged ESD protection IC on the CC lines (remove the IC, it’s not essential)
  3. M92 chip has a faulty CC detector (replace the chip)

In my case, I did 1 and 3 multiple times, until I discovered 2 and realised that the ESD protection IC was killing the CC signalling. I’d start there as it’s the easiest to check.

Check out this thread: