Coil Whine upon Booting and when Waking up the handheld

I can’t go on with the lack of information on those missing chips.
I’ve purchased the board from my customer. (Yes, that’s the one I’ve messed with).
I think people tend to find more issues with the regular Switch than the Lite. Also, @Severence mentioned I might need a new meter, but I’m going to purchase another Switch Lite and take measurements from it, then compare with this faulty board. If the readings are off, then I’ll go for another meter. Yes, I know this sounds like the hardest and the toughest way to handle this situation, but it’s the only one I might actually LEARN from it.
@SheriffBuck If you get any info from those components surrounding the BQ 24193 chip I mentioned on my previous post, PLEASE do let me know .
Once I get a new Switch Lite and compare those values, and if I find anything worth mentioning, I’ll post it here. But because of that UNKNOWN diode between the inductor and the BQ-surrounding cap, I think it’s very risky to power on this Switch Lite again, so this is going to be a no-fix for the time being.

Can’t say for sure what the purpose of that diode is without the board in front of me and/or the diode, so whether it’s for reverse voltage protect or for clamping I have no idea… what I can say is Nintendo chose not to populate it on the regular switch board, why they chose to populate it on Lites, I don’t know, maybe they were addressing a common fault on the regular switch boards or perhaps it’s due to the slight design differences of the Lites…

Your call but I don’t see why you can’t test without the diode present. I would be more concerned about your missing resistor as I don’t think you’ll get charge current without it, but you can try also.