Fault 2162-002 and artifacts on black theme

I’m having fault 2162-002, artifacts on black theme. And also it’s charging at.8 amps at 95% charge. Is that normal? What chip could be causing the fault. I swapped the motherboard in 2 other casings and same fault.

In regards to the charge question - 0.8A at 95% I would consider normal. If the console is off and nearly fully charged, it only draws 0.3-4A in my experience, turned on it would draw more current for obvious reasons.

If you’re getting artefacts then that would suggest to me a GPU/APU issue, but some others may be able to weigh in a little more here.

EDIT: I just googled your error code - apparently it is caused by a Wi-Fi chipset issue.

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I thought that it was normal at .8 since it’s closing in to 100% charge just wasn’t sure.
So you think the video chip could be the cause of artifacts.
Is the wifi chipset soldered on the motherboard itself.

It is indeed, and a tricky one to remove at that, see this post for diagrams: [INFO] Board diagram and part numbers

Thank you for you help.