MAX77620A Diagnosis and replacement

Working on a unit with liquid damage in the area of MAX77620A, and some of the caps around it are shorted to ground. Wondering how to confirm whether the chip is bad, and how difficult that chip will be to replace/if a stencil will be needed… Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I would check the caps, coils and resistors around the MAX77620A for shorts, continuity and in diode mode for big differences at the values. (no battery, no charger, red probe on ground and with the black probe at the pad/pin you like to measure)

Maybe I m wrong, but the new ics out of the blisters I bought till now, were all ready to solder. I only use stencils for reballing used ics to put them back in place.


Okay, thank you so much! This will save me a ton of trial and error.

Hi, you might also want to look over the following topics which might be food for thought. related

It’s actually quite rare for this MAX PMIC to actually fail electrically, In almost all instances of failure that I’ve seen for this IC they have been almost always exclusively physical damage (chips/cracks etc) or detached balls/pads.

Even in cases of liquid damage they’re quite durable and usually function normally after removing, cleaning and reballing. (only if you have experience reballing)

If you spotted liquid/corrosion around or under the IC then it might be worth giving it a flux boil first if your measurements don’t read normally on the surrounding components.


Great info, thank you, I’ll take some measurements tonight and see about flux boiling it. I appreciate it, will update.