Missing 1.8v standby voltage and 3.3v enable

Hello. Wonder if anyone has come across this issue. I received a PS5 EDM-010 with an apparent HDMI port replacement. When powering it on, I get a 2 second BLOD. When comparing it to another board, the only thing I notice is 1.8v is missing at the IC marked 1D7T right below the HDMI port on the VRAM side (sorry, forum will not let me post pics) and 3.3v enable is missing on the pin 3. Suppling 3.3v to the enable does get the 1.8v to come on. I believe that comes from the HMDI encoder. I tried replacing it HDMI encoder but no change. I have all standby voltages as well as voltages as it powers up for 2 seconds. Any thoughts. Thanks

Was able to post a pic

Do you have 3.3v at pin1 ?

Thanks for replying. I do have 3.3v at pin 1, just not on pin 3. Supplying pin 3 with 3.3v does get the 1.8v to turn on.