Missing pin on Nintendo Switch MB socket that holds the SD Card reader

While replacing my SD card reader, I noticed that one of the pins on the socket was missing. Does anyone have any repair suggestions?

Everything else on the console works 100%

My friend saw this and bridged it directly to the sd card socket

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Thank you, I will give this a try

If you still have the pin you can always just solder it back on.

Replace the 16 pin FPC connector? $7 on eBay.

I guess you can try to bridge the one wire by soldering directly as in the picture.
I would replace the connector. Otherwise it may become a mess.

I know this is old, but I have the exact same problem, so thought I’d continue here rather than start a similar thread.

@CaptSpeirs and @DJFixiT : I have ordered the replacement connector from eBay. What is the process of replacing the broken connector?

I’m fairly good at soldering on a small scale, but I’m wondering, based on your experience, when I remove the broken one by desoldering it, does it leave behind easily usable pads that I can solder these new connector to?

Will it be fairly simple with some flux?

Thank you! This is the only faulty component keeping my kids from being able to play the switch (and keeping me from playing, too) And they’re home all day with remote learning, so you can imagine the need for some entertainment. :slight_smile:

Its quite easy if you have some skill

Remove the broken connector with hot air (360-400°c) / soldering iron, then apply some flux and go over it with some solder wick

After that apply flux, hold the connector with tweezers where you want it and use a soldering iron to solder the metal “frame” left & right, then the signal pins

When I did mine, I used hot air from underneath with flux to remove the old one. Then I took my iron and wick and removed all the old solder and replaced it with leaded solder which requires less heat to melt than the old silver solder. I then tinned the new FPC with leaded solder and placed it near by. I then preheated the board to about 100 degrees Celsius followed by using my hot air at 450 degrees Celsius from underneath until the solder on the pads began to get shinny, always using lotsa flux. When the pads were ready I placed the FPC on the board with continued hot air pressing down lightly for a second or two, don’t melt the new connector (always buy two new connectors in case you do). I then looked at the connections under my microscope to verify there were no shorts or open connections. Then I used my multimeter to verify continuity.

Wow. Very thorough. I should have ordered two connectors…

Is there a model of hot air gun with variable temp that you’d recommend? I only have soldering iron that can dial from 200°C to 500°C and my hot air is a cheap one that simply has “High” and “Low” settings.

As for the solder, I always remove the lead-free and use lead/tin solder. SO much easier to work with!

Thanks for the tips, guys! If you’re applying heat to the back while you’re using tweezers etc, I’m assuming you’re using an actual IC soldering/reflow station of some kind… wish I had one of those.

So after going removing the old connector and going over the area with solder wick (is this the same as desoldering braid?) there will be obvious pads to solder the new connectors contacts to? I’ve never desoldered and replaced a data type connector like this before, so just checking. The only replacement of any connector I’ve done is replacing micro usb or usb-c connectors on some android tablets.


A soldering iron will not help you.

You’ll need:
Heat Gun - adjustable temp recommend
Solder wick

Use flux on the socket outer legs
Heat it and pull off with tweezers
You can clean the pads with a solder wick
Either try to place the new one on and hit it with a small amount of solder or use solder first and heat to put the new one on.

You can try youtube or Google for more detail. Good luck.

And may the force be with you :wink:

Thanks everyone ! Waiting on a better heat gun, and some desoldering wick, as I’ve misplaced mine, and I’ll get started on this. Will update with my results.