Multiple switches missing voltage on M92 Pins 6 and 18

Hey, I posted a week ago regarding this issue and was met with no response (I had some pins mislabeled). I have learned everything so far from this forum and have been able to fix a lot of switches thanks to you guys. Right now I’ve come into a problem where I have no shorts on power rails and my USB-C is good (bought the breakout bird @FXDX recommended). Seems as if the problem I have run into on 2-3 boards is no voltage on pin 6 and 18 of the M92 chip.

Also, separate question: what should I check on a board that is missing voltage on the 2 leftmost pins of battery receptacle? Thanks in advance

…at the m92t36 pin 1 is on the left top side (the little dot on the surface). The pins are counting countclockwise. Which pins do you mean?

Pin 6 and pin 18. Pin 6 has 0 but should be ~3.3V and pin 18 has 0 and should have ~1.8V

For pin 18: Please read my answer to your last topic:

Pin 6 is on a line to the pi3usb ic (mux ic for the datalines to the docking station) on the backside and a short on this line mostly indicates a bad pi3usb ic.

Thanks Calvin! I have a thread saved on the ENC IC and I will reference it for troubleshooting that. What about the two leftmost pins on the battery connector? I have a switch with those getting 0v on those battery pins but the USB-C is good and I’m getting 5V on the VBUS line.

Please check if the BAT+ line is not shorted. Check for continuity to the bq ic (left side at the other orange marking).

So for this particular switch, I have been drawing 0.00A. I have swapped 3 M92 IC’s and still have 0V at Pin 6 and Pin 18. No shorts around M92, BQ, or P13. I also checked diode mode for power rails but those match your diagram, also continuity is good. I have 0V on the 2 Bat+ pins but diode checks are good, continuity checks are good and the BAT+ Pins are NOT grounded.

@Calvin thanks for your help this far

maybe check fuel gauge ic MAX17050 on the backside and also 2R2 Big coil next to BQ?

@emer7ca Hey,
were you able to fix the issue?
I’m stuck with the same problems and the EN IC not delivering voltage to the M92.

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