Need caps value near MAX77621 and MAX77620

Hi everyone! I have a motherboard that has had substantial water damage and these capacitors have lost their pads.

Looking online I could only find caps value for the area around M92 and unfortunately I only have a switch lite as a donor board at the moment so I can’t check.

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Now I’m able to embed images.

1,4,5 = 0805 22 µF
6 = 0603 4.7 µF

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2,3,7= 0.1uF_0201


Thank you for your help, @Calvin @jkyoho
Unfortunately I only managed to find 0603 4.7 µF and 0402 1uF (which my multimeter reads 0.790uF, I know about the 20% tolerance, but isn’t it a bit too low?) in my kit of assorted caps that I bought on aliexpress years ago that don’t even have voltage ratings.
I think it’s better if I make an order on mouser for all the needed caps, most likely they are better quality.

What voltage rating I should buy?
I know that it should be higher that what the circuit needs but can I buy like 20v ones in case I need them for 15v circuits or do I keep them in a reasonable range above what is needed for some reason, like having them blowing up on purpose in case a wrong voltage happens?

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That’s exactly why voltage rate meant to be.
I would pick closed enough rate if possible and only wide range on those caps are NOT on the Vin/Vout lines to same the sort-out issue sometime

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So, I’ve teardown a working switch and checked the voltages
1,3,4,5,6,7,8 are 3.7v, can’t pick 4v since it’s too close, so 6.3v?
2 is 1.8v, so 4v or 6.3v it’s too much?
If my readings are correct, that is.

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3.7v normally means on battery voltage so it goes up to 4.3v when plugged in, 5v or6.3v is ideal pick.
1.8v line would be ideally 3.3v or 4v choice, if not 4~10v range is okay.
too close is like 15v max working voltage you use 16v rated.

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Yep, was on battery, an almost discharged one.
Ok, I’ll make the order and once I’ve replaced the caps and the MAX77621 (it’s the only chip that got warm when injecting 4.2v at VSYS), I’ll post an update.
Again, thanks to both of you.

Update @jkyoho @Calvin
I’ve changed MAX77621 and the caps 1,4 and 5 are 0603 not 0805 in case someone needs them.
Anyway, now it turns on, shows the nintendo logo and goes black.
What does that MAX77621 power? The coils read 0v when I turn on the switch.
Powering the board through 4.2v injection at VSYS seems that the board settles at around 160mA and after a while it turns off.
M92 and BQ24 diode readings seem fine.
I’ve looked online and there isn’t a clear answer for this issue.

Here’s a picture of the water damage before I started fixing it.

check max17050 on the back if some touchup needed. left max77621 would have voltage until system loaded so would be around 300mA current draw where you are about to boot into but failed

MAX17050 was water damaged but the diode readings around it were fine, so I just reflowed it.
Maybe I’ll try replacing it tomorrow, along the usb-c connector to see if M92 negotiates 15v.
That was my suspicion about max77621, that it would kick on after bootup.
Yeah, the max power draw I think it was about 280mA before dropping to about 160mA and then turning off after a while

Just changed MAX17050 and now it boots!
Strange since it was reading fine.
Anyway, thanks for the help.

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@Calvin @jkyoho Sorry to bump an old thread, but any chance you also have the values of these ones?

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both are 0.1uF_6.3v caps



Is there a reason these were two different colors on my board? Just ESR rating or something like that?

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I ended up getting 0.1uF 10v caps, since that was what MobileSentrix had (labelled as PS5 HDMI port caps), and I wanted to avoid ordering from two places (I ordered the MAX77621 itself from MobileSentrix). Installation of both the MAX77621 and the caps were a success, and the console now works!

Huge thanks @jkyoho you were the only person to actually have these values, and trust me, I searched everywhere.

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Hi, Sorry to resurect this topic, but I just wanted to thank for this information since I’m trying to fix a similar issue, and maybe ask for the value of the other set of caps and inductors around the max77621 chip?

And thanks again :smiley:

Hi all,

does anybody know if this is a capacitor or an inductor and its value?
Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards

The caps are 0805 47 µF (confirmed) and the coils should be 1008 0.68 µH (not 100% but according to

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