Need help finding a replacement for the chip on f7002

Chip was fried so no numbers or ID tags. 8 pin chip.
Can find replacement chips for other models of PS5, which seem to have a different design, but cant find a replacement chip for this model.

Can anyone help?

likely you have a EDM-020 BOARD. No idea of that ic, but here is my capture from EDM-020

Did some digging and found RT5784BGQWF from Richtek has close enought marking with “01*” instead of “02*” on datasheet. The pinout should be ideal(not 100% sure). Just no idea if that’s a OEM part that no public datasheet or I just missed it.

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Thanks for your help jkyoho.
Yeah its the EDM-020 board and that’s the 02C chip I’m looking for. Don’t seem to be any availability anywhere though :frowning:
Gonna probably need a donor board.

Has anyone located these chips yet? I was trying to solve a short so I removed chip from board, when short wasn’t sorted I went to resolder and the chip went flying out of tweezers to the 9th dimension. :man_facepalming:

Hi just seen this and here’s the link to buy the chips they are called 5v-3-3v-step-down-converter-f7002-repalcement/ from kasynparts

That’s for the EDM-010 board.
I had a EDM 020 devices came in last week and I found a different batch of step down ic at F7002 area replacing the 02c chip with A2 mark on it. After digging datasheet. A2 stepdown ic is TPS62822.
If anyone has the 02c chip on board. Please check the surrounding resistor values(off circuit of course)

@jkyoho Hi mate,

Did you try a TPS62822DLCT on your EDM-020 board? Did you have any success? Trying to locate this IC.

Haven’t had a chance got any broken step down ic case to experiment on replacement chip. But I am pretty sure TPS62822DLCT should work on EDM-020 or newer board. The surrounding circuit is identical so it should be a drop in replacement for those “02*” step down ic

Thank you my friend. I will order a few and report back here if this works as a straight replacement

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Hello Guys,

I have a ps5 Edm020 motherboard and I would like to know if anyone know the values of the surrounding resistors of the TPS62822DLCT?
During replacing the TPS62822DLCT step down I desoldered accidentally 2 surrounding resistors and I lost them. As I can see there are 4 resistors…I just measure only 1 of them and I got 180kohms.
Do you know the values of each 4 resistors?

Thank you in advance!

different area has different resistors due to the different output design, show your location on picture and label the missing part

Hi jkyoho,

Thank you for your reply,
I am trying to upload png file to show you what resistors I am talking about but I get the message ‘‘An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post’’

upload to imgur or somewhere and post the link like imgur(dot)com/***#

ok! thanks…I got it!

Please check the black arrows…if anyone know the value of each 4 resistors…

I assume this is the cpu side foe 3.3v output?

Yes…correct! cpu side…3.3v output

I think I have the reading for that area. Let you know later when I back home

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here you go, Not sure if those are 0201 size or 0402. You need to measure yourself

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