Ninendo Switch - No Power / Repair Advice Please

So I’ve put the board in IPA for a few hours and gave it a clean with a brush. But I didn’t heat anything.

Some readings are slightly different not sure if it’s a postive change.

Middle battery pin still 16 Ohms.

Other readings

Forgot to add didn’t see any solder bridges near ram as suspected. The ram is very flush with the board and it’s particularly impossible to see anything under there.

Your reading on the inductors output near BQ is now approx what it should be… no idea why the cleaning resolved this but maybe you had solder debris across two pads of one of the IC’s or elswhere.

This likely isn’t the problem, but just in case can you measure the resistance between the two points (highlight black and red)

You should be able to see (or partially see) the solder balls when tilting the board, with the SD connector side higher and looking down past the SoC and under the middle of shield frame, you should be able to make them out even without a microscope (i can) if you cannot see them then it’s possible somebody attempted to rework the IC/s and/or failed to properly reball it/them and they’ve pulled down to the board during reflow.

Failing all that… i think I’d first remove the Ram module, the one closest to M9 IC and check your readings again.

It’s possible it’s the SoC, but worth removing the Ram to make sure