Nintendo Switch caught on second logo

Hello friends, could someone help me? I have Switch on the bench that hangs on the second logo of nintendo, when analyzing it I found that capacitors next to the M92 are with incorrect values ​​(4.3v and 0.0v), I changed for an M92 of a scrap that is functional, however, it did not solve, any tips ?


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I would check the cap with 0v to see if it is shorted to ground on both sides. If so, its probably the P13USB.

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I tested them all, don’t you have any shorted, any other ideas?

Check if the to resistors or whatever its called next to the left of the soc has a reading in diode mode (had a board where someone try to pry the shield open and damage one of that tracepad n cause to stuck at 2nd logo)

The other is reflow or replace wifi ic has also fix another board thats stuck at 2nd logo

Third one is a software issue where i had to rebuild a new firmware and delete all the user info

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on your third one, did you get access to hekate for the rebuild ? or did you rebuild with a external emmc reader ?

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Its was an unpatch switch, using biskeydump, lockpickrcm for prod.keys and emmchaccgen to build firmware with prod.keys file then write to switch with hackdiskmount n memloader

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I doubt that the components are all crashed. What are your readings on the eight big caps? No battery, no power supply, red probe on ground.

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Sorry, it was a translation error, in fact all values ​​are correct

Due to bad translation, I believe that there is confusion about my case, I will try to summarize:
The nintendo when connecting hangs in the second logo, when analyzing the card I noticed that the PIN 5 and PIN 6 of the M92 are changed. PIN 5 0.3V PIN 6 5.2V.
I checked the values ​​of the components with the red tip on the ground and the black one on the components, all the values ​​that I have as references were the same.

I think you may have got your pins muddled up here. do you mean Pin 6 = 0.3V and that Pin 5 = 5.2V ?

You can’t have 5.2V present on pin 6 (ordinarily) as it’s your 3V3PDR, provided by way of the “ENXX” IC below the realtek IC

Sorry, the translation messes everything up, the correct thing is: PIN 6 0.3V and PIN 5 5.2V

That makes more sense :slight_smile:

Whats your resistance to ground on pin 6 (3V3PDR)

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PIN 5 481 - PIN 6 427, from what I saw is correct

Resistance not diode please

Resistance with the black tip on the ground and red on it, correct? if yes, it gave the value of 867


867 ohms?

If yes, that too low.

I would be inclined to remove the M92 IC ensure there is no bridges across pads and with this IC removed take that measurment again if it’s truly 867 ohms

If the resistance remains the same, I’ll point you to another thread for clarification on your other rails, as it’s likely you would have a more serious fault elsewhere causing this

sorry, I was measuring on diode yet, the correct ohms would be 149k

Ok no worries, so your reading of 149K is approx normal.

Next would be to check the ENXX IC is being told to turn on by checking the voltage at a few points, bear with me and I’ll find an image for the locations

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K, so with the battery connected and the USB cable plugged in, black probe on ground and red probe at the highlighted point, what voltage do you measure here?


Make sure your on the voltage mode on your meter and not diode or resistance

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At this point it gave 1.8v