Nintendo Switch doesn't boot, blackscreen after nintendo logo

I have unpached v1 with no info about it’s past.
It didn’t turn on, and had discharged battery.

Opended, and checked for shorts around m92t36, p13usb, bq24193 without success. There wasn’t any shorts near this chips. Tried another battery, still no success.

Replaced m92t36, p13usb and it still doesn’t work.
Booted into rcm (it had autorcm feature turned on), it accepted hekate payload, it charged (slow charge i think) to 100% at main hekate screen.

Trying booting into atmosphere ended with same result, blank screen after atmosphere logo.
Read about wifi ic failure prevent from booting, so I tried to boot the android from the SD card, and it booted with success, after that I tested wifi and Bluetooth - switch connected to the wifi and paired with a Bluetooth device.

After that my guess was that it’s a nand problem.
Tried to rebuild nand, no success.
After that my other guess was that it was flashed with different console nand, and maybe I don’t have a good prod.keys, found and video tutorial about fixing totally broken console with donor nand, firmware and prod.keys from a diferent v1 console. Tried that and it doesn’t boot, same result.

Do you think it is possible it’s a hardware issue with a emmc module? Any suggestion what to do now?
It worked in Android that surprised me the most, so I think maybe it can be saved.

Got 2x BQ24193 from aliexpress, I think it’s worth trying to replace it. I’m unsure is it a hardware or software issue. I would say software, but again I think it didn’t fast charge in hekate.

After few tries to boot to cfw it once it displayed a charging symbol on the screen just before it back screened again.
But other times it died just after the logo, without the charging symbol…