Nintendo Switch - microSD Card Not Recognized Issue

Hey All,

I’ve got a Nintendo Switch that is giving me the, “microSD is not recognized,” error. I’ve confirmed the SD card is still functional as it reads on PC and other Switch’s. I ordered a new SD card reader off Amazon and popped that sucker in, but the Switch STILL can’t read microSD cards. I’m at a loss here. I thought for sure replacing the reader would fix the issue.

Has anyone had similar experience with this, or might have another avenue that I could try?

I have the same issue. Two readers and three SD cards later still doesn’t work. I wish I had an answer. I checked the MB SD Card Reader connection it seems fine. I guess I will have to pin out each circuit and see if there is some fault there. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.

Here are my diode mode measurements for the sd card reader connector:

Well, I found the voltage to the SD Reader is 0.8v, not enough to to read the card. Trying to find the culprit at this point.

Hello, whats the voltage should be for sd reader? Im getting error “cant access microSD…” COnnector on pcb looks ok, tryed to replace sd card slot with new one no luck…
Any advice?

The both pins in the middle (Diode mode .624) should have 3.3 V.

There is no 3.3V on thous pins (with console on) any sugestions?

By any chance did you manage to find why there is low Voltage on SD Reader?

Check the marked pads on the backside (Side-A). The red ones are the power delivery from the max77620A. If they are not present, the problem maybe at the max ic. The yellow is the enable signal. If the signal have no 1.8V the problem maybe at the soc. If both are present please check the PU ic (the one red marked spot with the six pins) and the cap and the both resistors left to the ic.

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Hello Calvin,

Thank you i really appreciate your help.
Will check it today

Hi, I have a similar issue with my switch and SD cards. I tried several sd cards and formatted then in fat32/exfat. The main difference is that my switch freezes when I insert the SD card. If the switch is powered off, I insert the SD card and then I turn the switch on, the switch stucks on the screen with the joy on logo. Do you have any hints where to start my diagnosis?

Kind regards

Should the Voltages be pressent while i have board out of nintendo and just with the battery pluged?

Lookingt in your picture have found Max chip, but nothing that close to it that as you refered test point for SIGNAL 1,8v. Please see pic below is the yellow marked location is correct?

Ps sorry for double post, couldnt edit last one…

Oh… you have an other board layout HAD-CPU-01. Mine is the older HAC-CPU-10.
Please check if the red marked pins have continuity.

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Yes it does have continuity

So the red is the 3.3 V power supply for the SD card reader. The yellow should show 1.8 V. But I don t know which of the four remaining pins at the ic are goining to theother side.

The one that is at thy other sido of ic in line with pin marked red

Just to be clear is it inaf to have just battery connected to pcb to have voltages pressent?

And looks like my multimeter cant show proper voltage… just tryed to test 5v charger with wiers cut, and it gives me som shity readings…
Maybe battery dyed… right on time :smiley:

First: I don t know if the Switch is powering the SD card reader with 3.3 V if it s shut down or in sleep mode.

The Max77620A should deliver 3.3V at any time, but the bug ic with marking AY only delivers the voltage to the SD card reader if the yellow marked point gets 1.8V.

Sorted my multimeter.
So i have 0 V from max77620A where should be 3.3. So i’ll try to get a new max77620A and replace it.

Realy thank you very much for sharing info and helping me. I’ll give an update after max77620A will be replaced

Well yesturday i have found out that i have used bad multimeter ( not showing voltages correctly) so got other one from a friend. Connected pcb to battery and powered it on and tested all points. So looks like i do have 3.3v on all spots that it should be and 1.8v on yellow pin… so there is power supplyed to sd slot… so im out of ideas why i get error “cant accsess sd card”. Soc problem? Looks like i’ll have to use it without sd card … Again thank you for your help and info!
I bought it new never used sd card… just after install of sx core at first sd slot worked but not allways switch would read the boot.dat file from sd (mostly from second try) and in the end ir doesint read sd at all.