Nintendo Switch please help

Hey guys.

First things first… sorry if my English is not perfect, im from Germany.

My nephew gave me his Switch and asked me to repair it.
He told me that the switch suddenly shut down, with a bright light on the display. After that, the Switch wont charge or start…Nothing.

After watching a few videos about repairing nintendo switch consoles, i decided to change first the Usb-c port because it seems to be bent, the ac cable was also bent. I also bought a new battery and a new Ac Cable.

After replacing this components the Switch starts booting, i thinked it was fixed.
But then the error “2101-0001” occured.
And in fact i watched a lot of videos on youtube, i knew i have to check the caps around the ic’s and look at this…shorts around the m92t36 chip, so i changed it, but that also didnt helped.
While replacing the m92t36 chip, i’ve lost the 0201 cap, left to the ic, i’ve asked in a forum and the guys told me "its not the issue, the switch will start whithout this cap.

Ok then i decided to replace the bq24913 chip.

Well…the 2101-0001 error is gone, but the switch wont boot.
After the “Nintendo” Logo, i get a blackscreen.

I have no shorts around the 3 Power ic’s.

I dont know to do next please help me!

Edit: Maybe this side Information will be important for you guys:
While i replacing the bq24913 chip, Flux went into the port for the left slide rail.
I noticed that after turning the Switch on.

You should check short on P13USB chip which in the back of switch board, because if there’s short on m92t36 chance that the P13USB is gone too.

FYI the best way to check switch if there short on M92T36 chip you must check P13USB chip first. If there’s any short on that you must remove P13USB chip first and check short in M92T36 chip. if there’s still short on M92T36 chip then you must replace it too but if the short gone then you just need to replace P13USB chip. Because M92T36 chip is connected to P13USB chip and it’s common if M92T36 chip short then other would be short too.

And for missing capacitors whatever you do do not bridge it, because it will cause short and you switch won’t boot properly. The only thing you can bridge is resistor and that’s if the value is 0 ohm.

I already checked on this chip for shorts…no shorts.

All 3 ic chips has no shorts.
Is there any other chip i can check for shorts?
The problem now is that the switch wont boot and go to black screen after the nintendo logo.

does your switch on custom firmware (sxos or atmosphere) or original?

No cfw. Its still original.

What about dirt or flux residue, did you clean it all?

Yeah i cleand it as good as possible.
Could the issue comes from the flux???

might be, if the flux goes to the socket or pin then chance it will hinder the connection. could you give me your board picture?
and does the switch power off after nintendo logo or just stuck at logo?

I will give it a try at the evening today.
I can take a picture in the evening.
The switch turn off after the Nintendo logo.
And it only starts with cable in it.
Without the cable it dont do anything.

is there any battery indicator when you charge it?

No there is nothing on the screen except the nintendo logo and then turning off. No charging symbol

could you check the battery and the usb port too
you did mention that you replace the port

I’ve took measurements yestersay.
And the pin were the 0201 cap should be i got about 15 v with the cable.

I checked already with another battery and no charging aymbol at all

how bout letting it charge for a couple of hours?

Also no reaction.
I’ve let it charge for the night

I gonna try followings things today:

Change usb-c port again. And change every ic chip, i have orderd them already, they must deliver today. Cause i have read about faulty chips been delivered tho ather guys.
Cleaning all the flux again.
And try another cable, maybe my samsung charger.

I will give you feedback in the evening.

I just wondering why the issue occured that the switch shut down after the Logo, right after i replaced the bq24913 chip…

good question, how bout concentrate on finding fault on that area first, such as finding any short or check the rail socket. Additionally here’s a schematic picture of BQ24913 chip, maybe this will help. Keep posting on me okay, i’ve grown interested about this case. I’m gonna do some research on my side too.

Switch Schematic (Battery Socket)
Switch Schematic (BQ24193 IC)