OLED purple screen / missing cap (need help identifying)

I have received a defective OLED where someone tried to install a modchip and killed the complete board.
The DAT0 line was completely broken - I think i fixed it - at least after the fix console turned from black to a purple screen :wink:

I have seen that one cap (?) near the LCD connector is also missing - does anybody know what kind of cap it is and maybe if there are spare part on an -non OLED mainboard (I have a couple of them but no OLED)

Not sure if I can bring it back to life but would be happy trying…

Might also be worth asking/checking in this thread: www.tronicsfixforum. com/t/info-board-diagram-and-part-numbers/91

If purple screen, try looking at resistor on Point A for the mod. The resistor should has a value of 4.7K ohm.

Hi - have changed now the Point A - now purple screen is ‘solved’ but now switch hangs with 0.41A an no screen.
No idea now, but seems to a a donor board now…