PS4 Slim Issue - Nothing Happens When I Press Power Button

Hi I’m corey my PS4 slim console was working fine this morning I’ve come home from work and gone to plug it in and once I’ve plugged it in with the power cord it’s made a bleeping sound which I’ve had when I’ve pressed the power button but I hadn’t pressed the power button but no when I press the power button nothing happens and I’ve tried it a few times and the same thing happens

Hi! Does it have cockroaches in it? Are you sure the power cord is fully plugged into the console and into the wall outlet?

Have you tried a wall outlet ps4’s sometimes won’t work when plugged into a powerboard

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I’ve noticed it’s a little wet under the casing

It could be that the board is damaged but depending on how bad to whether it’s recoverable or not

hi is there any way that I can get my ps4 original disc drive fixed it won’t read or spin discs how much will this cost

I don’t know if you’ll get this but I’m having a similar experience, there isn’t any bugs, and liquid damaged, I had the power supply replaced and hard drive replaced and nothings happening, and I took it to the only repair shop near me, and they think it is something on the motherboard, but they don’t want to mess with it, and they suggested, buying a new ps4, so I wanted to take it somewhere else, so I thought of you, but now you don’t repair consoles as a business, and the other person you recommended has insane prices, so do you have any idea what I could do to fix it myself? Or anyone else that you think is capable of doing it?