SP1 and SP2 capacitor value

Good day. I messed up soldering something on my switch. Can anyone with a V1 Erista board measure the value of the capacitors near the processor. Many thanks in advance.


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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 1.0UF 6.3V 20% 0201

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 0201 4VDC 0.1uF 20% X7T AEC-Q200

DM me if you need links


Thank you Banthros.
Is the Sp1 6.3vdc and the sp2 4 vdc? Is there a problem if i use 10% instead of 20%?
I can sleep better now.
Only the sp2 got burned off… But the odd this is, the switch still works. But im not comfortable using it without replacing both caps.
Many thanks again.

If you did the SX OS Mod as long as the modchip didnt turn green it should not of flashed the glitch. However SP1 and SP2 can stay off and will cause no problems for the switch. GBATemp has a lot of people who knocked those caps off and the switch still functions perfectly fine. You will however not be able to do the chip without those points. Try and see if your console boots fine without the flex cable in place. If you get blue screen it has delivered its payload/You need to install the flex with the caps to make it boot properly and than make sure you backup your nand and boots partitions. Let me know if you need any help. As far as which is which let me try to work out which is which. I got those specs off another person linking replacements in another fourm.

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I have messaged a person who will give me the exact values for the caps. Ill edit my post when he gets back to me. We will get these replaced :slight_smile:


Ok so i figured it out on mouser this is the correct part
Sp1 and sp2

The 2 other ones i posted are for the left side of the shield if you are stuck on joycons logo.


Are the SP1 and SP2 caps the same for the Mariko switch? Also would this part work GRM033C80J105ME05D did I order the wrong part?

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Should be fine, since the voltages there are ~1v - 3v max. iirc so 6v cap should also work

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The blue led flashed for a while, then the red led started blinking.
I now have 2 leds lit, the blue led is steady on. The red led is blinking.
There is no display on the lcd.

Yup you were right. Works like a charm

So I’m guessing that’s the reason my v2 would only power to rcm and nothing else after I removed it after it gave a boot.dat screen/ green light on an botched install.
Luckily I’m persistent

Have you updated the firmware of the modchip over usb?
Did you wait ~1min?

Maybe there is a issue with the current firmware or the whole modchip itself

Can damaged SP1 cap can prevent switch of reading SDcard? after instal sx core, tryed to dump nand and failed ( max % i got was the first try, it got to 71% of dump) all the time. tryed lots of different sd cards ( one of ot is sandisk 128 GB for switch red color). At the begining it would not pick the boot.dat from sd card at first boot (mostly second boot it would boot to sx boot menu) and after continues swaping sd card my switch cant read sd cards no more, tested traces with multimeter on pcb all good, connector not damaged, tryed different sd slot no luck… So just removed sx core chip (left soldered flex inside and it works just it cant access microSd (thats the error i get… " Cant access MicroSD…") Any suggestions? Thank you

can you please DM me the links i really need them as mine is broken

I got one of mine from iphone 5c pcb ( had a spare for parts)

Dount know where to buy them… ebay or aliexpress maybe

thank you for the valuable information , i managed to get my hand on an iPhone 5c , now how can i solder the SMD capacitor ? also i found that i knocked two more SMD capacitors near the CPU while i was opening the CPU shield.

can you give some advise to a noobie ?


i happened to order GRM033R61A104KE15D is it going to work ? i need it for the Joycons logo

Did GRM033C80J105ME05D work on Sp2 on switch v2?

whats this app called


The software is BoardView.

Sorry for late reply…