Strange problem with a Nintendo switch

I have a problem with a switch i searched to fix.
It take charge just with one side of the official charger and didnt power on.
I found shorts around the M92T36.
So i changed the USB-C port and the M92 but i have the same conclusion: no power and just charge on one side…
I search other shorts and i found a potential problem around the Max77620.
The 3 components in red beeps on both side with the continuity mode.
It is not really normal right?
Could be the MAX component faulty or is it a problem with my new installed M92?
I add the photo of the faulty components:

Thanks a lot!

That’s normal, that line is often under the 50 ohm limit many meters use.


Thanks a lot for your answer. How could i know if the MAX is potentielly defective?

Can i test components in diode mode?

Any else?

I dont really understand why the switch dont want to charge normaly…

I tested the switch with a 5V official charger and it charges at 0A (no intensity on this side) on one side and approximatively 0,5A on the other side.
I suppose i have a problem with the M92 (bad installation or defective IC)
Could someone confirm or refute my theory please?
Thanks a lot!

The max ic doesnt usually go wrong. If it is charging one way, i would usually assume usbc or m92 but it could also be the pi3 or a few other things. L

Many thanks for your answer.
I will check that in a few days and i will give news about my problem.
I will first do the job on the M92 and if there is again a problem i will change again he USB port.
Have a good day!

No I think you should change the PI3USB Chip. It can also fail silently (without any shorts around) and if it’s Bad, the switch usually charges with 0,4x Amps, as you wrote yourself.

One Thing you can do, to Check if it’s M92:
Remove M92 and start the switch with a good battery, console should Boot normally and then Show an error.

Ok thanks.
When i said the console charged with 0,4xA it was just an estimation. With It varies between 0,2 and 0,6A on the “good side” of the charger with a 15V tension. On the other side no reaction.

With a 5V charger the USB meter power on on both side but one side maked 0A intensity (no charge) and the other side charge normaly.

With these symptoms i thought that i had a problem with the M92.
In any case (even with a new battery) the switch didnt power on.

Have a good day!

What’s the resistance to ground on this point?

Sorry for my late reply.
I test the resistance and i obtain the 27 ohm value.
Have a good day!

Your resistance reading is normal

Why Do you say this?

Normal for a Standard switch (not lite) is above 40 Ohm’s, 27 is kinda low to be honest.

I assume you have a Problem with the SOC. Either it’s completelly dead or you have luck and only a few solder joints under the CPU got broken.
In this case you Could try to reflow the CPU.
But you need some practise and Equipment for this Job.

Thanks for your answers.
I have a pre heater so i could eventually test a reflow but i risk damaging the switch.
Firstly i will rework on the M92 by reflow solder joints and eventually changing the IC.
If i have asme result i doubt i can save it.

You Could also change PI3 usb IC.
It can also fail silently and will cause the switch to not booting.

Ok thanks. i will take a look at it. My principal interrogation is about the charge at just one side on the charger.
This symptom seems, for me, a problem on the M92 in most cases.

Pi13 can also cause this

Ok Thanks.
So I will take a look on the P13.
Many thanks for your help!

Is it an old Board (V1)?
Maybe you have the obslote components (Diode Arrays) failing:

Thanks for the video i will take a look later and will give news when i will take a look on this console.

Hi, any news? Woule like to know if it works now :slight_smile: