Switch Error 2110-1118, Wifi error

I replaced the fan for this switch and the owner said the Switch worked fine before that. Now it gives wifi error. Fan replacement couldn’t have caused this problem, right?

Is this error software problem or Wifi/BT IC problem? Everything else works fine. Joy-cons work wirelessly and no shorts or damage around Wifi/BT chip.

@Severence have you had this case before? Thanks!

Hmm no I’ve not seen this error before. I can’t imagine why the fan would have an effect on this, afair they’re on completely independent rails but icwbw. I guess you could try disconnecting the fan just in case and see if anything changes following

Or maybe try disconnecting battery and then putting slight pressure on the wifi IC and reconnecting and see if the symptoms change just in case this is bad joint related :thinking:

Thanks for the quick reply! I actually tried those already. Stripped the PCB of all the unnecessary modules and slightly pressed the IC for few seconds and booted to HOS. The error remained.

I want to rule out software/Horizon problem first. What I haven’t tried is factory reset. It’s an unpatched Erista so maybe there’s some neat wifi homebrew application which could test the wifi module.

If that doesn’t help I’ll go for reflowing the IC first (probably won’t help) and then reball.

Yeah good call. you can try L4T ubtuntu to test the wifi out, if it doesn’t work there then I would say it’s an issue with the IC itself and I’d swap it out

No wifi on Ubuntu so definitely hardware issue.

Reballing didn’t help. Problem is that it has Broadcom BCM4356 which is not so common and all of my donor boards have Cypress ICs. These ICs’ has to be taken from donors otherwise they don’t work…

That’s fine, they’re interchangeable. One company just took over the other or merged, the chips themselves are the same :slight_smile:

Really? I thought they are not interchangeable?
I Saw this somewhere…

Yeah for sure they’re interchangeable… that guys wrong :+1:

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So I have an oled switch same problem, what I’ve found is there is supposed to be two resistors left side of the the cpu, side by side make sure they both are there. I wiped one away with a q-tip.

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I took the Cypress Wifi/BT IC from Lite, reballed it and soldered it in place… still the same error dang. joy-cons and bluetooth work fine. No shorts around the IC. i’m guessing the problem is not in the wifi/bt chip.

Hmm :thinking: I suppose this explains the error which I haven’t personally seen before.

I made a post here a while ago detailing the location of some BT/WIFI enable test points, might wanna see if you can find that and tack a wire onto this WIFI reg enable TP and see if it’s high following prompting to boot, this may shed some more light on this (?)

Bad cap here caused the problem. Switch is now working.

Good stuff glad you got it sorted :+1:

Sorry I should have mentioned the previous poster was reffering to caps and not resistors to save you the wild goose chase :frowning:

If I remember correctly, the last time I had an issue with these caps it was halting at the second boot logo and not an error message so perhaps something has changed in the OS… good to know :slight_smile:

it’s wi-fi ic problem , i fix a lot of this error code faulty switch , just don’t simply just try replace one or two , u should order from alibaba 4-5 to fix it , normally it won’t fix just replace one , alot of faulty or not working wifi ic for this type of crystal type ic .

hi i have the same pb , what capacitors are they pls

i changed the ic chip , replace the 2 caps near the cpu but i still have the same wifi error code. All the rest is working fine though. Any original ideas ?

Hi Friend, i have the same problem, so you know this caps value for i buy the correct?

Do you find the capacitors value?