Switch Lite - Some Buttons On Left Don't Work (Not DBoard or Ribbon)


I’ve got a SwLite here with the following buttons on the left side of the console not working:

D-pad Right (the others work)

I’ve swapped out the daughterboard and main ribbon between daughter and mother with known working ones from another working Switch Lite and the problem persists. The old dboard and ribbon are working fine in the other Switch too.

I’ve IPA’d the hell out of the button contacts too.

Any ideas what it could be?

Sounds like a problem with the connector on the mainboard.
I would check in continuity if the signals/lines from the daughterboard are reaching the mainboard.


Hello, did you solve it? I have a problem with not working the same buttons

I would check if the signals from the daughterboard are reaching the connector on the mainboard. Therefor I made the pic with marking for alternativ measuring points for the hidden pads with vias.

I checked and signals are reacing even the stm32 chip, but the strangest thing is only few button not working ZL, L, right arrow on D-pad, minus, power button, volume -, and the left stick is going insane and always directed up (L3 works, and i have another stick, there is the same things with it)

If all missing signals are reaching stm32, than it is maybe the stm32 or SoC.
Here is a link, where the stm32 was the problem.

I have another switch lite that I broke before (its not showing picture for some reason) so I swapped stm32 chip to the one I had not working buttons but there’s the same thing but also I noticed that the switch cant charge for some reason. I put the cable in it shows charging icon then when it turned on it cant charge

I just noticed that the fan is always working 100% and its very loud, turns off when its on standby mode and it can’t find any wifi

Im having the same problem but its just with the right d pad button everything else is fine, i tried a new daughter board and a new ribbon cable but no look, looking at the picture above which one should i check for the right dpad button? Pretty new to all this. Thanks

Also how do i check them? I have a multi meter but not entirely sure what i am looking for. Please help