Switch OLED not charging, no image in Docking station

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Hello, I’m new here and I need your help with my Switch OLED

The USB-C port on my Switch was defective, as was the docking port and the USB-C port on the docking station circuit board

After I replaced the USB-C port on the Switch, it turned on again and can be charged with 15V.

I also had to replace the spring-loaded USB-C connector in the docking station because the pins were broken

And then I had a short on the docking station circuit board, I desoldered the USB-C port and the short was gone.

Unfortunately I didn’t have an original Nintendo USB-C connector. But I had one from the PS5 Dual Sense controller, which looked very similar. But unfortunately the docking station still doesn’t work.

Unfortunately I can’t find any schematics of the PCB anywhere.

If I use the original power supply, I can’t measure any voltages with the breakout board. If I use a normal USB charger then I have the VCC on A2 and A11. Shouldn’t this also be on A4 and A9?

Can it really be that the USB-C connector on the PS5 controller is simply the wrong one?

I hope someone can help me here, I don’t know what to do anymore

Kind regards, Daniel

Left Nintendo Doking Station USB-C Port - Right PS5 Duale Sense Controller

If your new dualsense port is working replacement port for the controller, you wont able to use that on any other device. Dualsense has a different pinout compared to Standard 16or 14 pin type-C port. You would understand what I meant if you have a type-c breakout board to test around.

Hello and thank you for your answer. The DualSense USB-C port has the same number of pins. That’s why I tried my luck. I didn’t know that there were still differences. I only got the breakout board a few days later. Tomorrow I’ll desolder the USB-C port again and then I’ll have to see if I can get the right one somewhere. Unfortunately, these are very difficult to get hold of. Because it has to be a special one for the docking station. Or can you tell me a good and correct alternative USB-C port?

Take a look at reddit post here

and you should know what I mean custom pinout from Dualsense.
I believe any standard same dimension c port should work on Switch dock pcb

Hello and thank you very much,

now I understand the arrangement. It can’t work like that. Hopefully nothing broke. I would order this USB-C port. This should be the right one, right? Just to be on the safe side, ask again
Unfortunately I can’t insert a link, here is the picture

Kind regards, Daniel

the standing leg seems a bit narrower than original port, but should still work if you could do some grinding to press fit the 4 legs into the pcb I believe

grinding won’t be a problem, I have to do that with the PS5 USB-C port too :slight_smile: But I’ll measure the old port right away. I’ll report back…

Turned out original port is full 24pin design. So the one from picture won’t work

You might need something like this instead.

How do you know that the original has 24 pins?

The USB-C port on the Switch has a 24 pin, the one on the docking station doesn’t have as many pins. I showed a picture above. The one on the left is the one I desoldered

WOW, I must have had a clone or different version than yours, I took off the port from my spare dock board and it has 24pin instead of yours 12pin.

Clone or other revision. I have the OLED version, maybe they have changed something.

OK. I guess oled dock changed. I was having a old v1/v2 dock

Only Nintendo knows that :grinning:I have now ordered the 16 pin. Then I’m curious to see if everything will work in the end

Hello, I got the new USB-C port today. Unfortunately the docking station still doesn’t work.
I checked the contacts with the breakout board. And it all fits so far. Do you have an idea what I should look for?
Can you actually rule out that the error is in the Switch console itself?

you can only rule out the console if it works on another dock.